UK-Poland Business, Trade and Investment Forum 2018.

On the 25th May 2018 Business, Trade and Investment (BTI) Forum took place. It is one of the projects which were agreed on during last year’s inter-government consultations in December of 2017. Between Poland and Great Britain. The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and technology and the British Embassy  in Warsaw were the organisers of the Forum.

The Forum gathered the representatives from business, politics and also journalists and trade associations. Its goal was to present the existing areas of co-operation and the presentation of new possibilities. The President of the European Business Club Poland – Janusz Cieślak took part in this event.

The President of the EBC Poland is a member of the Honorary Committee at the Academic Conference held at the University of Euroregional Economy.

On the 23rd of may 2018 at the Alcide De Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy an Academic Conference “Management in the XXI century. Social and economic aspects of management in an organisation of the future” was held. The event was held under the content-related patronage of the European Business Club Poland. Janusz Cieślak-the President of the European Business Club Poland was a member of the Honorary Committee chaired by professor Bogdan Nogalski [prof. zw. dr hab. dr h.c., multi Bogdan Nogalski] from the University of Gdańsk.

Management is a faculty which imposes responsibility and requires the creation and promotion of a person in an organisation as the highest value. The dynamic changes taking place both in Poland and in the world force on a constant development, which cannot be based on patterns. The aim of the Conference was to try and answer a question: what should be taught in the faculty of management?; how will the organisations of the future look like?;what employees will intelligent organisations need? and to diagnose mutual relations in the development of structures in the organisations of the future.


  1. Social Policy – the future of work in the XII century. Demographic situation, changes on the job market, migrations, higher life expectancy, globalization and connected with it the growing competitiveness are the phenomenons which influence individual countries and societies both in a regional and as well as local dimension. They also bring on important challenges and demands for the economic and social policy but also the necessity to meet those challenges and demonstrate the direction of action.
  2. Management of logistics in agricultural business. Agricultural business also called the economy of food, is a set of economic activities embracing every entity taking part in the production of food and delivering it to the consumer. Management of logistics in agricultural business is described by connections in logistical chains between agro-food companies. Effective agricultural business as an economic activity cannot function effectively without logistics structures because only adequate logistical solutions will make this sector modern and competitive.
  3. Social and ethical aspects of functioning of the organisation. Social and ethical aspects of organisation’s functioning writes itself into today’s ways of managing a company which is beyond the legal requirements imposed on it. The reality makes that the outer and inner spheres of the organisation mingle. The relation between the inner operations of the organisation and its outer environment is very strong. Corporate social responsibility is actually understood as a connection of operations which aim at economically, socially, ethically and environmentally more effective functioning of management system of the organisation.
  4. The role and the meaning of women in business. In the last period one can see the increasing role of women in creating entrepreneurship. Unfortunately still women in an unequal level participate in company management, decision making or obtaining the goals of the organisation. More and more organisations start to appreciate the benefits from promoting women to managerial posts.  Thanks to that it is possible to fully use their professional potential as well as obtain better results in business operations. However, such mentality is common.
  5. Communication and shaping of organisational culture. Organisational culture is a route to an effective realisation of company’s goals but on the other hand it is also a source of difficulties. Many companies today ask themselves a question how to communicate and create the desired organisational culture so that it helps to build the desired ambiance inside the organisation. Organisational culture cannot also be created overnight and once and for all as it is vivid and changeable. It requires full consciousness in managerial operations as well as a vision towards which it should go.

The President of the EBC Poland took part in the panels sparing his knowledge and experience.

Field meeting of the Management Board of the European Busienss Club Poland in a Tourist Resort „Targowski Dwór”.

On the 19th of May 2018 another field meeting of the Management Board of the European Business Club Poland took place. The theme of the meeting was to discuss the plan of work of the Organisational Committee in the current year as well as international co-operation of the Club. The meeting was held in a Tourist Resort “Targowski Dwór” situated in an idyllic and picturesque place in Mazury called Targowo, beside Szczytno, in the estate of Bartosz Gołębiowski who is a son of the member of the Management Board – Czesław Gołębiowski.

In the part dedicated to international co-operation the following invited guests from Bulgaria took part: Professor at the University of Sophia –  Wladimir Atanasow (former Minister for Science and Education as well as the Ambassador of Bulgaria to Slovenia), Swetla Zlatarska – former attaché in the Embassy of Bulgaria in Warsaw ,as well as Daria Tataj PhD. the founder and director of Tataj Innovation – global crowsourcing company.

Prof. W. Atanasow in his speech thank for the invitation to this meeting and emphasized the interest in economic co-operation with our country. He also was grateful for the enthusiasm and friendship with which he got from Polish entrepreneurs which caused that even with greater pleasure he will promote Polish entrepreneurs in Bulgaria. He also passed the wishes of development and success for entrepreneurs in the European Business Club Poland through the Management Board.

Daria Tataj PhD. Discussed in detail the chosen issues from her book published in the United States „Innovation and entrepreneurship: A Growth Model for Europe Beyond the Crisis”. The book researches the process of creating innovation and proposes  a model to create innovations on a mass scale. Being based on on new research and extensive experience in the European Institute of Innovation and Technology Daria Tataj PhD. describes the dynamic architecture of global innovation networks, the way in which those networks mingle between themselves and how the ability to switch in between them leads to accumulation of talent, knowledge, skills and capital. Thanks to the analysis of innovation in the United States, China and especially Europe, the book answers the question why innovation centres are established and how this process can be repeated. If we want to create innovations as general directors, entrepreneurs, politicians or university leaders, this book will show precise mechanisms which will allow innovation centres to attract worldwide talents, risk capital and acquire knowledge.

A very hard working and constructive meeting of the Management Board was concluded by a great concert organised in Święta Lipka and a nice and charming evening in a beautiful ballroom of “Targowski Dwór” organised by the welcoming hosts. The guests were served delicacies by the Resort “Targowski Dwór” which also offers massages, relaxation in a mini spa: sauna and jacuzzi. A beautiful countryside and views onto the nearby pond create a pleasurable ambiance both for relaxation as well as for holding various types of conferences.

We cordially invite you to visit the Tourist Center “Targowski Dwór”.


Ninth edition of the European Economic Congress in Katowice 10-12 May 2017.

The IX edition of the European Economic Congress  has ended in Katowice. It is the biggest economic event in our part of Europe. For three days the attention of politicians and business people was focused on Silesia and the International Congress Centre in Katowice. 132 session, 700 speakers, over 9 thousand participants including 660 media representatives those are the numbers picturing the scale of the event.

The representatives of Polish government , EU administration , national and European parliament, ministers and deputy prime misters from Europe and the world as well as presidents of the biggest companies, experts and leaders of opinion took part in the EEC 2017. The European Business Club Poland  was represented by Janusz Cieślak-the President. The topics that were discussed were the future of the European Union, unstable situation in the world, deep changes in the economy, industry, trade and the dynamic development of technology. All that within the perspective of companies and people who create them.

The opening session “Other Europe in the other world” with the participation of former prime minsters of Poland, Czech republic, Slovakia and Lithuania, Jerzy Buzek, Jan Fischer, Mikulas Dzurinda and Andrius Kubilius, Konrad Szymański, secretary of state for EU affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was to answer the question about a new vision of Europe in the context of the latest political changes tilting the Old Continent in the direction of populism and isolationism.

The economic landscape after Brexit, the probability of other decentralizing movements inside of the European Union or the realization of the two speed Europe these are according to the participants’ diagnosis few of the most important challenges with which Poland and Europe will have to cope with.

The politicians also tried to answer the question what does the Central and Eastern European region needs in order to effectively make up for the distance between us and the developed Western countries.

The Deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki who participated in the IX European Economic Congress admitted that Upper Silesia is a the “technological heart of Poland”. It is here, according to the Minister of Development, that entrepreneurs see a particular sense of investment in innovative solutions. He emphasized that the participants of the Congress know that a good time for investments is coming.

At the same time the European Start-up Days took place in Spodek Sports and Entertainment Area and were visited by over 2.5 thousand people. The EEC-Leaders of Tomorrow also had its continuation and was very common among students.


Christmas and New Year Meeting in the European Business Club Poland.

The upcoming Christmas and New Year 2017 were a nice occasion for the members of the European Business Club Poland to meet in the welcoming place of Hotel – Restauracja Czarny Kot – My Warszaw Residence on 14th of December 2016.The meeting in its friendly Christmas ambiance was the time to summarize the passing year, share success at work and happiness in the coming holidays and it was also a time for reflection.

In his speech Mr Janusz Cieślak – the President of the Club thanked all present for co-operation in 2016 and wished all the guests and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Elżbieta Studzińska supervised the whole event and for this occasion offered a menu based on traditional dishes of Polish Cuisine. In a family atmosphere members of the European Business Club Poland had the opportunity to rejoice at the moments spent with good friends and colleagues.

IV Annual Board Meeting of the European Business Club Poland.

The IV Annual Board Meeting of members of the European Business Club Poland took place on the 14th of December 2016. The meeting was held at the conference room in Hotel “Czarny Kot – My Warsaw Residence” in Warsaw.

After having done statutory activities Mr Janusz Cieślak – the President of the Board handed membership cards to new members of the Association.

Following the above and according to the Agenda the following documents were presented:

  1. Report on the activities of the Association for 2016 together with the report of the Board’s activities presented by the President – Janusz Cieślak,
  2. Financial Report together with the Report on the activities of the Audit Commission presented by the Chairman – Anna Kosik.

In its Report the Audit Commission highly marked the Board’s work and emphasized the unique role of Janusz Cieślak – President of the Association in the gained success.

The evaluation presented by the Chairman – Anna Kosik was met by great approval of the meeting’s participants.

 The IV Annual Board Meeting unanimously in the form of resolutions approved the presented reports granting a vote of confidence to the Board as well as the Audit Commission.

Meeting with the entrepreneurs in Kobyłka.

On the 1st of December 2016 the President of the European Business Club Poland – Janusz Cieślak  and the Director of the Board’s Office – Janusz Janicki took part in a meeting with entrepreneurs from Kobyłka. The meeting was organized by the Meer of the town – Robert Roguski and the Head of the Town Council – Ewa Jaźwińska on the following topics: presentation of the current investments in the Town of Kobyłka, results of the diagnosis of the Warsaw Functional Area in potential export and changes in the offers of the Unemployment Office in Wołomin. In his speech the President – Janusz Cieślak presented information on the activities of the European Business Club Poland and invited the gathered entrepreneurs to co-operation. In the second part of the meeting the representatives of the European Business Club took part in individual business talks with the entrepreneurs.

European Business Club Poland supports the Constitution for Business.

The European Business Club Poland in a very positive manner opinionates the proposals for change in assumptions made in the Vice Prime Minister’s (Mateusz Morawiecki) Constitution for Business. Any solutions that facilitate activities of Polish entrepreneurs are always welcomed and can count on our support. From the moment our Association was established we stated many times that various legal barriers and an array of unclear and sometimes contradicting legal provisions are an immense barrier in the development of the Polish economy. It appears that our voice has been heard.

Without a doubt The Constitution for Business is a long awaited  document by entrepreneurs. It is very lengthy therefore here we would like to draw your attention only to a few of its aspects.

With particular satisfaction we welcome the announcement to create a spokesman for entrepreneurs. This demand has been raised by the European Business Club Poland already in 2013 and was specified in the bill’s draft written by the lawyer Wojciech Błaszczak, who was then a member of the Board of the Association. Despite introducing the document to representatives of Parliamentary Clubs at that time it was only supported by one political party. Now it has a chance to come into force which we hope will happen.

 For entrepreneurs one of the most fundamental aspects is transparency of law and interpretation of legal provisions and therefore the stability of law. Stability of law is the first ally of an entrepreneur and allows for making key decisions both in current activities as well as in forming strategies and company development. Stability of law also brings measurable effects for entrepreneurs for instance by reducing costs for legal services and also costs of lengthy court proceedings.

Mentioning the famous so called “Wilczek Bill” according to which what is not prohibited is allowed we take as a step in the right direction. This rule is connected with the above mentioned stability of law. Similarly we look at the proposal to introduce the rule of “Institutions’ silent agreement” or interpreting unclear situations on favour of the entrepreneur, and not how it has been until now – exactly the opposite.

In an optimistic way we look at the proposal of penalties used by the Institutions which will be adequate to the wrongdoing. It definitely builds a sense of justice and creates good positive relationships between the state and entrepreneurs. We also hope that this will liquidate commonly occurring cases when for little wrongdoings (i.e. a mistake in the invoice in the amount of few groszy) a penalty was imposed which was many times higher than possible losses of the state treasury and disproportionally high to the mistake made.

It is also import to create a common committee of the parliament and entrepreneurs as a constant discussion forum between the ministries and representative of entrepreneurs. It will be responsible inter alia for giving opinions on legal acts important for economic activity and coming up to common solutions. The European Business Club Poland supports the suggestion of prof. Elżbieta Mączyńska – President of the Polish Economic Society to expand this committee by representatives of non-government institutions.

However, the most important from our point of view is the emphasis on building partnerships between the state and entrepreneurs based on mutual trust and “friendly neutrality”. Upon the assumptions made in the Constitution for Business one can draw conclusions that there is a change in perceiving entrepreneurs  – finally it was understood that they are a solid base for building wealth and development of Polish society.

The European Business Club Poland wishes the Vice Prime Minister – Mateusz Marawiecki determination and success in implementing the proposed changes as quickly as possible especially due to the fact that they are needed “for yesterday”. It has to be emphasized that the idea of the Constitution for Business is noble, however its realization in practical terms will be the most important i.e. the introduced drafts of legal acts deriving from the Constitution.

Konstytucja dla biznesu.

European Business Club Poland Award Ceremony.


For the second time now, during an official award ceremony, the European Business Club Poland will honour individuals and companies which have made significant contributions to the development of entrepreneurship, economy, local government bodies or autonomous activity, science, culture and sports in Poland and achieved success on the European and global scale.

 The Jury of the European Business Club Poland Awards, comprised of great representatives of the business, scientific and sports community, led by Prof. Elżbieta Mączyńska, Ph.D., President of the Polish Economic Society, member of the National Development Council and the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, presented awards in the following categories:

 The Main Prize, VICTORIA EUROPAE (European Victoria), awarded to natural persons, companies, institutions, social organisations, initiatives and enterprises with significant contributions to raising the status of Poland on the international arena

 plus awards in five equal categories:

 ENTREPRENEUR MAGNUS (Extraordinary Entrepreneur) awarded for extraordinary achievements and contributions to the economy

BENE MERITUS (Highly Distinguished) awarded for special achievements in particular areas

 SIGNUM TEMPORIS (Sign of the Times) awarded for innovative solutions as well as achievements supporting European integration and the development of civil society

PRO FUTURO (For the Future) awarded for contributions supporting the development of entrepreneurship, economy, science, culture and sports

 PRO PUBLICO BONO (For Social Activity) awarded for special achievements in the area of social activity.

 All awards are honorary.

 We are pleased to announce that the honorary patronage over the ceremony is held by the Polish Chamber of Commerce, Polish Economic Society, Employers of Poland, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.

The media partners include Polsat News, Polish Market economic journal, Miesięcznik Gospodarczy Nowy Przemysł [New Industry Monthly], website, Eurogospodarka journal [Euroeconomy], WhyStory journal and Europerspektywy [Europerspectives] bimonthly journal.

 The European Business Club Poland Awards Ceremony will take place on 24 September 2016 at Królewski Theatre in Łazienki Park, in Warsaw, which holds a very symbolic and important place in the Polish history. The Łazienki Park palace complex served as the summer residence of the last Polish King Stanisław August. Today, its beauty and splendour attracts both Warsaw residents and crowds of tourists. Its rich architecture and art offer superb aesthetic experiences. It all makes the Łazienki Park in Warsaw one of the most prestigious meeting places for business, culture and art.

The official gala will be hosted by journalist Przemysław Talkowski, last year’s winner of the BENE MERITUS (Highly Distinguished) award.

The guests will be welcomed by The Warsaw Dixielanders band. During the artistic part of the event, the participants and guests will enjoy the performance Zespół Pieśni i Tańca Śląsk im. Stanisława Hadyny [Polish National Song and Dance Ensemble “Śląsk” in memory of Stanisław Hadyna].

More information on the activities of the European Business Club Poland and the last year’s European Business Club Poland Award Ceremony can be found on the Club’s website Please, visit us there.


The Ambassador of India a guest in the European Business Club Poland.

On the 25th of February 2016 at the invitation of the President of the European Business Club Poland the Ambassador of India to Poland – Mr. Ajay Bisaria was a guest of the members and affiliates of the Association. The Ambassador was accompanied by the President of the Indo-Polish Chambers of Commerce – Mr. J.J. Singh. The meeting took place in the hospitable Hotel-Restaurant „Czarny Kot – My Warsaw Residence”.

Upon greeting the guests the President Mr. Janusz Cieślak reminded the gathered people about the friendly bilateral co-operation which had been present for many years and he also discussed the economic relations emphasizing the currently appearing possibilities in its development.

Afterwards the Ambassador Mr. Ajay Bisaria gave an extended presentation on the economic situation of his country and its position in the world as well as put it in the context of current co-operation between our countries. DSC_0036 The most important issue which has a significant impact on the development of bilateral co-operation are changes in law being implemented in India due to which bureaucratic barriers will be abolished. He indicated industrial sectors where the co-operation with Poland would have a special meaning i.e.: energy sector, communication technologies, food industry, health sector, chemical industry. He also tried to convince that India is a market for those entrepreneurs “hungry for success” as well as for those looking for professional development. He emphasized that his country is a perfect base for building new, more intensive economic relations or fast development of the ones already existing.

After the Ambassador’s speech a very interesting discussion took place that ended in individual talks of entrepreneurs with our guests. This will surely be helpful in making decisions about co-operation on the Indian market.

The European Business Club Poland honored with the „Open Heart” statuette.

It is our  great pleasure to inform that the European Business Club Poland was honored with the “Open Heart” statuette awarded by the Council of Women of the Polish Red Cross (Rada Pań Polskiego Czerwonego Krzyża). This precious award has been given to us during the charity concert “Let’s give poor children vacations” at the Stanisławowski Theater in Łazienki Królewskie. The income from this concert as well as from the auction held simultaneously will be put towards vacations for children from families which have many children and  live in poverty in different regions of the country.

The European Business Club Poland was awarded a statuette created by prof. Zofia Wolska for supporting actions of the Council of Women “Let’s give poor children vacations”.

The European Business Club Poland was awarded a statuette created by prof. Zofia Wolska for supporting actions of the Council of Women “Let’s give poor children vacations”.

Nagroda EKB Plska

The Council of Women of the Polish Red Cross (Rada Pań Polskiego Czerwonego Krzyża) has been operating for over 20 years and is a non-profit organization. It is patterned upon a prewar tradition of the Committee of Women which helped the wounded and in need during the war and the occupation. The Council of Women is composed of women who are sensitive to the needs of the youngest people, they gather funds as volunteers as well as give their means and goods.

Discussing the issue of supporting Polish companies in the foreign markets at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On the 2nd of December 2015 at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The President of the European Business Club Poland – Mr Janusz Cieślak participated in the meeting of the Undersecretary of State – Mrs Katarzyna Kacperczyk with representatives of Polish companies operating abroad.

The meeting of the Undersecretary – Mrs Katarzyna Kacperczyk with the representatives of Polish companies operating abroad. Fot. Karolina Siemion-Bielska/MSZ.
The meeting of the Undersecretary – Mrs Katarzyna Kacperczyk with the representatives of Polish companies operating abroad. Fot. Karolina Siemion-Bielska/MSZ.

The meeting was devoted to a discussion about the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ and diplomatic posts’ operations in 2015 in regards to supporting Polish companies on foreign markets and plans for 2016. 250 guests participated in the discussion – representatives of companies and institutions co-operating on everyday basis with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the area of economic diplomacy .

Upon greeting the invited guests the Vice-Minister Katarzyna Kacperczyk emphasized – the international success of Polish companies contributes to the promotion of Poland’s image. It is mostly through your operations that our country obtains a better position every year on the economic map of Europe and the world.

The meeting of the Undersecretary – Mrs Katarzyna Kacperczyk with the representatives of Polish companies operating abroad. Fot. Karolina Siemion-Bielska/MSZ
The meeting of the Undersecretary – Mrs Katarzyna Kacperczyk with the representatives of Polish companies operating abroad. Fot. Karolina Siemion-Bielska/MSZ

Presenting plans for 2016 the Vice-Minister Katarzyna Kacperczyk stated – in a systematic manner we try to develop and improve the supporting instruments – this year we have implemented a pilot system on researching the companies’ satisfaction which I hope will enable for a more efficient adjustment of our activities to the expectations and needs of entrepreneurs. We count on your participation in this area. Such partnership is crucial in regards to the efficiency of our common efforts. The gathered guests were ensured about the continuation of activities connected with supporting Polish companies on foreign markets by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomatic posts. In order to achieve that there will be many promotional initiatives held in the coming year. The growing involvement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in this area can be seen through organizing in 2015 over 30 foreign visits where 1000 entrepreneurs were participants as well as 21 seminars and trainings in which over 500 companies participated. During this year’s Conference of Ambassadors nearly 700 individual meetings of entrepreneurs with 80 heads of Polish diplomatic posts were held. The character of the meeting allowed for individual discussions with the Minister as well as between individual entrepreneurs. Best greetings for Christmas and the New Year were given.

The Vth European Congress for Small and Medium Enterprises.

The Vth European Congress for Small and Medium Enterprises took place on 12-14 October 2015 in Katowice. 6000 registered participants including representatives from 35 countries and 44 exhibitors from Biznes Expo took part in 60 congress events. The European Business Club was represented by Mr Janusz Cieślak who took part in the panel discussions presenting the interests of the entrepreneurs – members of our Association.

How to build a constantly growing and effective Polish economy? How to build good relations and what obstacles and challenges are there before SME entrepreneurs? Answers to the above questions and many more were sought by experts from the areas of science, politics, economy and international delegations.
As prof. Jerzy Buzek, a member of the European Parliament and President of the Honorary Committee of the V European Congress for Small and Medium Enterprises, emphasized it is the small and medium entrepreneurs that are the core and the blood stream of the Polish economy. To support this one can look at the data of the state of the SME sector, which were present by Bożena Lublińska-Kasprzak the President of PARP. The SMEs constitute 99% of companies in Poland i.e. 70% of work places and 48% of GDP. The research shows that this sector has a very significant influence on the Polish economy.

“This is a unique edition for a few reasons. First of all this year is the 25th Anniversary of the Regional Chamber of Commerce. Second of all the Congress is being held at the International Congress Centre in Katowice and has gathered a record number of participants – 6000 registered persons.” – summarized by Tadeusz Donocik, President of RIG in Katowice.
The President of the European Business Club participated in the following discussions:
• The attractiveness of the Indian market for Polish enterprises. An example of companies using environmentally friendly technologies.
• Investments in unique solutions. Public funds for innovations 2014-2020.
• Economic disputes-a method for success.
• USA-a new destination for SMEs- the state of TTIP negotiations.
• Money follows ideas-a myth or reality? SME. vs. capital market.
• Meetings with leaders.
• European regions-competition or co-operation.
• One step towards innovation…, so how to improve competitiveness of companies from SMEs.
• The future of my family company-is it only through succession? True stories.
• A partnership co-operation of local governments with SMEs as a way to economic growth.

A result of the carried out debates, meetings, exchange of points of view and experience will be the publication of the conclusions and remarks connected with problems and further possibilities of development of the SMEs sector in the form of recommendations.


On the 12th September 2015 during the Gala Awards held at the Museum of the King Jan III Sobieski in Wilanow, the European Business Club Poland awarded people and companies that have in a significant manner contributed to the development of Polish entrepreneurship, science, local governance, media, culture and sport as well as those who have gained European and worldwide success. The awards were granted by the Chapter of Awards of the European Business Club Poland composed of eminent representatives of business, science and sport under the leadership of Prof. dr hab. Elżbieta Mączyńska – The President of the Polish Economic Society and a member of the Scientific Council at the Institute of Economic Science at the National Science Academy (Rada Naukowa Instytutu Nauk Ekonomicznych PAN).

The ceremony has been lead by the editor Robert Bernatowicz who specializes in the field of economy.

Among the honorary guests were: Mrs. Grażyna Henclewska – Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Economy and Professor Zdzisław Krasnodębski – Member of the European Parliament.
The ceremony was opened by Mr. Janusz Cieślak – The President of the European Business Club Poland who at the very beginning emphasized that the time and place of the Gala were not accidental. In the residence where the ceremony had been held on the 12th September 1683 King Jan III Sobieski had gained victory in one of the most important battles in the history of Europe. The victory is called the Vienesse Victory, and the main awarded given during the Gala is called VICTORIA EUROPAE (EUROPEAN VICTORY).
So today we are celebrating two victories – the Viennese and European. He also indicated that the awards personify values and ideals which the European Business Club Poland upholds – “By giving these awards we would like to show to the majority of the society the true authority whose achievements and attitude are worth following.”
Afterwards Prof. Elżbieta Mączyńska – The President of the Chapter of Awards had spoken. She indicated the criteria which were taken into consideration by the Chapter when making decisions about who should be awarded. She emphasized the interdisciplinary feature of the awards and the meaning of co-operation of various communities for the economic development of the country’s economy.
The Minister – Mrs. Grażyna Henclewska read out the letter from Mr. Janusz Piechociński – the Vice Prime Minister and the Minister of Economy congratulating the people awarded, the participants and organizers of the ceremony. The Prime Minister emphasized in his letter that the awarded people and entities are building a contemporary vision of the market as well as a positive image of the Polish economy on the local and international arena. He showed that the awarded companies are well organized, effectively managed and liable for partners in business.
A letter from Mr. Władysław Kosiniak – Kamysz – the Minister of Labour and Social Policy has also been read out. In which inter alia he thanked the European Business Club Poland for propagating gaining knowledge and favouring business contacts and exchanging views with other entrepreneurs and communities.
With great pleasure we would like to introduce the winners of this year’s 1st edition of Awards of the European Business Club Poland.

The main award „VICTORIA EUROPAE” (European Victory) was presented to Prof. Jerzy Buzek “in honour of many years of his activity in order to strengthen Poland’s position in the European Union as well as building a joined, fair and competitive Europe”.
A great laudation for the Winner has been given by the Prime Minister Mr. Janusz Steinhoff. Mr. Jerzy Buzek in his speech thanked for the award and emphasized the meaning of co-operation of Polish entrepreneurs with their European partners for the development of our country’s economy and strengthening Poland’s position in the world.

Two people have been presented the award „ENTREPRENEUR MAGNUS” (OUTSTANDING ENTERPRENEUR).

President of the Company Mr. Herbert Wirth “for professionalism, creativity, courageous and dynamic management of the worldwide Polish strategic company.”

President of the Company Mr. Wojciech Kuśpik “ for creating innovative, specialized and integrated solutions in the area of business communication that have a fundamental impact on the economic development in Poland.”


Mrs. Jolanta Batycka – Wąsik (the Voit) “for professionalism and courageous vision of the development of the Lesznowola Commune as a contemporary and friendly place for its inhabitants in the XXI century”.

Prof. dr hab. Grażyna Rydzewska „for outstanding scientific achievements and contribution towards the development of Polish gastroenterology.”

The editor Mr. Przemysław Talkowski „for the courage and accuracy of information as well as for the continued work for the transparency of the economic life, defense of the good name of Polish entrepreneurs and initiating changes in Polish law.

Mr. Andrzej Strejlau „for outstanding achievements in his work as a coach as well as his years of activity for the development of Polish football.”

The Museum of Warsaw Uprising “for great input to disseminate the heroic actions of the citizens of Warsaw during the Warsaw Uprising as well as shaping patriotic attitudes of the young Polish generation.”

Śląsk Song and Dance Ensemble (Zespół Pieśni i Tańca „Śląsk” im. Stanisława Hadyny) „for outstanding and years of achievements in promoting Polish regional culture in the country itself and abroad.”

The award „SIGNUM TEMPORIS” (THE SIGN OF TIME ) had been presented to:

Prof. dr hab. inż. Zdzisław Nowakowski „for innovative activities and outstanding achievements in the development of third level education.”

The President Mr. Andrzej Siezieniewski ”for years of achievements in his work as a publicist and journalist as well as for fulfilling the social mission of the Polish Radio”.

The award „PRO FUTURO” (FOR THE FUTURE) has been presented to:

The company: Pinus J&M Smolarczyk “for the expansion of a Polish brand producing wooden windows, doors and winter gardens as well as for outstanding achievements in the development of own construction and technological solutions”.

Company Marchewka® „for creating new standards in interior architecture as well as winning world markets in the area of high quality wooden stairs, floors and interiors produced in Poland”.

The winners in their speeches have inter alia thanked for the awards and acknowledgement of their up to now achievements as well as they have expressed the will to continue to pursue activities in the direction they have set out.

There was splendor added to the ceremony by the recital of a world class tenor – Bogusław Morka. The artist got ahold of the hearts of the public both because of his beautiful voice as well as direct contact and proposed common singing. The artistic impressions form the concert will be remembered for a long time by participants of the Gala.

Afterwards the guests went to the Palace’s patio where in the rose garden a cocktail party has been prepared by the Hotel – Restaurant „Czarny Kot – My Warsaw Residence”, of which Mrs. Elżbieta Studzińska is the owner and also a member of the European Business Club Poland.
The scent of the roses and music played by The Warsaw Dixielanders as well as the specialties of Polish cuisine gave a nice touch to the end of the ceremony. People congratulated each other and talked until late evening.

We are pleased to inform that our sponsors were: Fundacja KGHM Polska Miedź (The KGHM Poland Copper Foundation) and BIG Info Monitor.
An honorary sponsorship over the Gala was held by: The Ministry of Economy, Krajowa Izba Gospodarcza (National Chamber of Commerce), Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości (Polish Agency for Enterprise Development) and Polska Agencja Informacji i Inwestycji Zagranicznych (Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency). Media sponsorship was held by: Polskie Radio (Polish Radio), Polsat News, Miesięcznik Gospodarczy Nowy Przemysł (Monthly Economic Magazine New Industry), portal, Magazyn Eurogospodarka (magazine The European Economy) as well as a political and business magazine – Świat Elit (The Word of the Elites).

The Gala was secured by the employees of a security company „WALKRYS SECURITY”, a member of the European Business Club Poland.

We would like to congratulate all winners. We would also like to thank the members of the Chapter of Awards for their fruitful work. We would like to thank our guests for coming and participating together with the Management Board and members of the European Business Club Poland in this important event for the entrepreneurs.

See you at the next Ceremony of Awards of the European Business Club Poland in 2016!

Chinese Ambassador visits the European Business Club Poland.

On 19 January, at the invitation of Mr. Janusz Cieslak, the President of the EBC Poland, our Association hosted Mr. Xu Jian, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Poland. China  appears for Polish entrepreneurs as an economy with great opportunities hence the interest of this market is enormous. Full conference room of Czarny Kot – My Warsaw Residence confirmed this thesis. Ambassador Xu Jian was accompanied by Liu Lijuan, Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy together with other members of the Embassy’s staff, as well as a delegation of the representatives of Chinese companies, among others, Mr. Li Xiaobo, CEO of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Europe), and Mr. Wang Weijing,, PR Director in Huawei.

In his welcome speech President Janusz Cieslak recalled that the first joint venture in China was established in 1951 and it has been Polish-Chinese company Chipolbrok which at a meeting represented its CEO Mr. Liu Shanghai. On the Polish side the meeting was attended by among others: Mr. Roman Jagieliński former Deputy Prime Minister and currently the President of the Fruit Group ROJA, Mrs. Anna Kalata, former Minister of Labor and now the owner of the KALATA TV, Mrs. Barbara Misterska-Dragan, former Deputy Minister of Treasury and now the President of Misters Audytor Adviser and the only in Poland Honorary Citizen of Beijing Mr. Zdzislaw Góralczyk, former Ambassador to China, currently the President of Polish-Chinese Friendship Association.

DSC_0019In his speech, Ambassador Xu Jian presented the current state of China’s economy and prospects for the development of trade relations between our countries, indicating the reasons which prevent its rapid growth. When the time for questions and comments from the audience came, a real economic dialogue between Poland and China had started. Nearly 1.5 hour conversation, not only gave the participants a unique experience, but also built a belief that there is a huge potential for growth in trade. Prospective contractors must, however, get to know each other and build common ground for agreement. That is one of the reasons why European Business Club Poland plans to organize a trade mission to China in the second half of this year. This mission will be the consequence of a visit to China, held from 30 November – 6 December 2014, by the President of EBC Poland Janusz Cieslak and a member of the Association Mrs. Barbara Misterska – Dragan. The aim of the visit was to explore the possibility of increasing the export of Polish goods to China and establishing contacts with interested companies. Thanks to previously acquired contacts, members of this year’s mission will be well prepared for the meetings with definite Chinese companies interested in trading with Polish exporters.

The last point of the meeting was the exchange of business cards and individual conversations which lasted late into the evening.