On the 12th September 2015 during the Gala Awards held at the Museum of the King Jan III Sobieski in Wilanow, the European Business Club Poland awarded people and companies that have in a significant manner contributed to the development of Polish entrepreneurship, science, local governance, media, culture and sport as well as those who have gained European and worldwide success. The awards were granted by the Chapter of Awards of the European Business Club Poland composed of eminent representatives of business, science and sport under the leadership of Prof. dr hab. Elżbieta Mączyńska – The President of the Polish Economic Society and a member of the Scientific Council at the Institute of Economic Science at the National Science Academy (Rada Naukowa Instytutu Nauk Ekonomicznych PAN).

The ceremony has been lead by the editor Robert Bernatowicz who specializes in the field of economy.

Among the honorary guests were: Mrs. Grażyna Henclewska – Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Economy and Professor Zdzisław Krasnodębski – Member of the European Parliament.
The ceremony was opened by Mr. Janusz Cieślak – The President of the European Business Club Poland who at the very beginning emphasized that the time and place of the Gala were not accidental. In the residence where the ceremony had been held on the 12th September 1683 King Jan III Sobieski had gained victory in one of the most important battles in the history of Europe. The victory is called the Vienesse Victory, and the main awarded given during the Gala is called VICTORIA EUROPAE (EUROPEAN VICTORY).
So today we are celebrating two victories – the Viennese and European. He also indicated that the awards personify values and ideals which the European Business Club Poland upholds – “By giving these awards we would like to show to the majority of the society the true authority whose achievements and attitude are worth following.”
Afterwards Prof. Elżbieta Mączyńska – The President of the Chapter of Awards had spoken. She indicated the criteria which were taken into consideration by the Chapter when making decisions about who should be awarded. She emphasized the interdisciplinary feature of the awards and the meaning of co-operation of various communities for the economic development of the country’s economy.
The Minister – Mrs. Grażyna Henclewska read out the letter from Mr. Janusz Piechociński – the Vice Prime Minister and the Minister of Economy congratulating the people awarded, the participants and organizers of the ceremony. The Prime Minister emphasized in his letter that the awarded people and entities are building a contemporary vision of the market as well as a positive image of the Polish economy on the local and international arena. He showed that the awarded companies are well organized, effectively managed and liable for partners in business.
A letter from Mr. Władysław Kosiniak – Kamysz – the Minister of Labour and Social Policy has also been read out. In which inter alia he thanked the European Business Club Poland for propagating gaining knowledge and favouring business contacts and exchanging views with other entrepreneurs and communities.
With great pleasure we would like to introduce the winners of this year’s 1st edition of Awards of the European Business Club Poland.

The main award „VICTORIA EUROPAE” (European Victory) was presented to Prof. Jerzy Buzek “in honour of many years of his activity in order to strengthen Poland’s position in the European Union as well as building a joined, fair and competitive Europe”.
A great laudation for the Winner has been given by the Prime Minister Mr. Janusz Steinhoff. Mr. Jerzy Buzek in his speech thanked for the award and emphasized the meaning of co-operation of Polish entrepreneurs with their European partners for the development of our country’s economy and strengthening Poland’s position in the world.

Two people have been presented the award „ENTREPRENEUR MAGNUS” (OUTSTANDING ENTERPRENEUR).

President of the Company Mr. Herbert Wirth “for professionalism, creativity, courageous and dynamic management of the worldwide Polish strategic company.”

President of the Company Mr. Wojciech Kuśpik “ for creating innovative, specialized and integrated solutions in the area of business communication that have a fundamental impact on the economic development in Poland.”


Mrs. Jolanta Batycka – Wąsik (the Voit) “for professionalism and courageous vision of the development of the Lesznowola Commune as a contemporary and friendly place for its inhabitants in the XXI century”.

Prof. dr hab. Grażyna Rydzewska „for outstanding scientific achievements and contribution towards the development of Polish gastroenterology.”

The editor Mr. Przemysław Talkowski „for the courage and accuracy of information as well as for the continued work for the transparency of the economic life, defense of the good name of Polish entrepreneurs and initiating changes in Polish law.

Mr. Andrzej Strejlau „for outstanding achievements in his work as a coach as well as his years of activity for the development of Polish football.”

The Museum of Warsaw Uprising “for great input to disseminate the heroic actions of the citizens of Warsaw during the Warsaw Uprising as well as shaping patriotic attitudes of the young Polish generation.”

Śląsk Song and Dance Ensemble (Zespół Pieśni i Tańca „Śląsk” im. Stanisława Hadyny) „for outstanding and years of achievements in promoting Polish regional culture in the country itself and abroad.”

The award „SIGNUM TEMPORIS” (THE SIGN OF TIME ) had been presented to:

Prof. dr hab. inż. Zdzisław Nowakowski „for innovative activities and outstanding achievements in the development of third level education.”

The President Mr. Andrzej Siezieniewski ”for years of achievements in his work as a publicist and journalist as well as for fulfilling the social mission of the Polish Radio”.

The award „PRO FUTURO” (FOR THE FUTURE) has been presented to:

The company: Pinus J&M Smolarczyk “for the expansion of a Polish brand producing wooden windows, doors and winter gardens as well as for outstanding achievements in the development of own construction and technological solutions”.

Company Marchewka® „for creating new standards in interior architecture as well as winning world markets in the area of high quality wooden stairs, floors and interiors produced in Poland”.

The winners in their speeches have inter alia thanked for the awards and acknowledgement of their up to now achievements as well as they have expressed the will to continue to pursue activities in the direction they have set out.

There was splendor added to the ceremony by the recital of a world class tenor – Bogusław Morka. The artist got ahold of the hearts of the public both because of his beautiful voice as well as direct contact and proposed common singing. The artistic impressions form the concert will be remembered for a long time by participants of the Gala.

Afterwards the guests went to the Palace’s patio where in the rose garden a cocktail party has been prepared by the Hotel – Restaurant „Czarny Kot – My Warsaw Residence”, of which Mrs. Elżbieta Studzińska is the owner and also a member of the European Business Club Poland.
The scent of the roses and music played by The Warsaw Dixielanders as well as the specialties of Polish cuisine gave a nice touch to the end of the ceremony. People congratulated each other and talked until late evening.

We are pleased to inform that our sponsors were: Fundacja KGHM Polska Miedź (The KGHM Poland Copper Foundation) and BIG Info Monitor.
An honorary sponsorship over the Gala was held by: The Ministry of Economy, Krajowa Izba Gospodarcza (National Chamber of Commerce), Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości (Polish Agency for Enterprise Development) and Polska Agencja Informacji i Inwestycji Zagranicznych (Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency). Media sponsorship was held by: Polskie Radio (Polish Radio), Polsat News, Miesięcznik Gospodarczy Nowy Przemysł (Monthly Economic Magazine New Industry), portal, Magazyn Eurogospodarka (magazine The European Economy) as well as a political and business magazine – Świat Elit (The Word of the Elites).

The Gala was secured by the employees of a security company „WALKRYS SECURITY”, a member of the European Business Club Poland.

We would like to congratulate all winners. We would also like to thank the members of the Chapter of Awards for their fruitful work. We would like to thank our guests for coming and participating together with the Management Board and members of the European Business Club Poland in this important event for the entrepreneurs.

See you at the next Ceremony of Awards of the European Business Club Poland in 2016!