The Vth European Congress for Small and Medium Enterprises.

The Vth European Congress for Small and Medium Enterprises took place on 12-14 October 2015 in Katowice. 6000 registered participants including representatives from 35 countries and 44 exhibitors from Biznes Expo took part in 60 congress events. The European Business Club was represented by Mr Janusz Cieślak who took part in the panel discussions presenting the interests of the entrepreneurs – members of our Association.

How to build a constantly growing and effective Polish economy? How to build good relations and what obstacles and challenges are there before SME entrepreneurs? Answers to the above questions and many more were sought by experts from the areas of science, politics, economy and international delegations.
As prof. Jerzy Buzek, a member of the European Parliament and President of the Honorary Committee of the V European Congress for Small and Medium Enterprises, emphasized it is the small and medium entrepreneurs that are the core and the blood stream of the Polish economy. To support this one can look at the data of the state of the SME sector, which were present by Bożena Lublińska-Kasprzak the President of PARP. The SMEs constitute 99% of companies in Poland i.e. 70% of work places and 48% of GDP. The research shows that this sector has a very significant influence on the Polish economy.

“This is a unique edition for a few reasons. First of all this year is the 25th Anniversary of the Regional Chamber of Commerce. Second of all the Congress is being held at the International Congress Centre in Katowice and has gathered a record number of participants – 6000 registered persons.” – summarized by Tadeusz Donocik, President of RIG in Katowice.
The President of the European Business Club participated in the following discussions:
• The attractiveness of the Indian market for Polish enterprises. An example of companies using environmentally friendly technologies.
• Investments in unique solutions. Public funds for innovations 2014-2020.
• Economic disputes-a method for success.
• USA-a new destination for SMEs- the state of TTIP negotiations.
• Money follows ideas-a myth or reality? SME. vs. capital market.
• Meetings with leaders.
• European regions-competition or co-operation.
• One step towards innovation…, so how to improve competitiveness of companies from SMEs.
• The future of my family company-is it only through succession? True stories.
• A partnership co-operation of local governments with SMEs as a way to economic growth.

A result of the carried out debates, meetings, exchange of points of view and experience will be the publication of the conclusions and remarks connected with problems and further possibilities of development of the SMEs sector in the form of recommendations.