European Business Club Poland at the football tournament in the town of Jedlnia

DSCN1536On August 11, 2013 took place last round of the football tournament for the Cup of the President of the Municipal Council of Jedlnia. For eight consecutive Sundays at a new “Orlik”  field in Jedlnia, there were fierce amateur football matches in which they were teams composed exclusively of residents of the municipality. The new rules of competition, for the first time, excluded from the competition football clubs playing in the league. The tournament was attended by 14 amateur teams. Project was organized by the Commission of Education, Culture, Sport and Recreation of the Municipal Council. Representatives of the European Business Club Poland were invited as guests of honor.

In a tense and exciting final match Bayer Jedlnia beat RKS Rajec 4:3. After the final game was held the awards ceremony- trophies and diplomas were awarded for players and three best teams. Diplomas received Michał Chmurzyński, team Młodzi Jedlnia KS – 14 year-old resident of Jedlnia, for the the best player in the tournament and Filip GLEGOLA – 12 year-old resident of Rajec. Rafal Horse Sadków – was the bes goalscorer of the tournament.

Awards and commemorative diplomas were presented jointly by the Municipal Council President Jerzy Chrzanowski , accompanied by the mayor Piotr Leśnowolski and President of the European Business Club Poland Janusz Cieślak , Vice President Jack Dybowski and member of the Board Andrzej Strejlau , long time coach of the Polish national team who was the special guest of the tournament. Mayor of Jedlnia Piotr Leśnowolski gave participants of the tournament souvenir T-shirts with the logo of the District. In a brief address, the President of the Municipal Council, Jerzy Chrzanowski congratulated the winning team and expressed his appreciation for all the teams, which attended tournament this year, and thanked the Mayor Piotr Leśnowolski for building great sports facility, which now serves the residents of the entire community .

Special Guest of Tournament – Board Member of the EBC – Poland Andrzej Strejlau – football expert and experienced coach – congratulated the winners and gave them some valuable advice and comments.

President of the EBC – Poland Janusz Cieslak congratulated all participants of the tournament with particular emphasis on winning teams. At the same time he gave the three winning teams funded by the European Business Club – Poland ball autographed by Andrzej Strejlau. In addition, he expressed his special thanks to the members of EBC – Poland Barbara and Ryszard Różański, who created a family, friendly and unique atmosphere and undertook a very dignified guests .

The ceremony was hosted by the editor Joanna Stachurska – Ruszkowska, resident of Jedlnia, from Radio ESKA, .

Mayor Piotr Leśnowolski announced that next year, in addition to men’s football tournament will be organized women’s volleyball tournament.

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Honorary Patronage of the European Business Club – Poland of the X National Congress of Fire Service

phoca_thumb_l_img_0003_1000On July 25, 2013 at the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw took place the 10th Congress of Fire Service dedicated to fire safety. This year’s event attracted a record number of participants.

Nearly 715 professionals, mainly from the decision-making level, visited the exhibitions prepared by the invited exhibitors. Among the guests of the Congress were leading office designers, installers and system integrators, construction companies, engineers and security consultants, representatives of ministries and government departments or employees and technical services industry and energy representatives, as well as representatives of Fire Service from across Poland. Honorary Patronage of the Congress of the European Business Club – Poland represented in the proceedings by the President Janusz Cieślak.

phoca_thumb_l_img_1934_1000A rich program of lectures substance was aimed at issues related to fire protection and energy security in the building and industry, especially in the prevention of fires and accidents, and the correct design of modern buildings. The organizers took care of the careful selection of topics, not only in terms of their attractiveness merits, but also show the possibility of coordination between all the systems  in action during the fire.

A total of 23 papers were presented moving important issues devoted to the security of objects in accordance with applicable standards, requirements and changes in regulations. Led discussion was characterized by a high level of scientific expertise, exhibitors and exhibition was a review of news and special solutions, which led to widespread interest in the guests. Congress was accompanied by demonstrations of equipment, systems and technologies. Participants could also seek the advice and consultation combined with practical guidelines for designers and installers.


Farewell weekend with the Ambassador of Croatia.

On July 19-20, 2013 at the invitation of Janusz Cieślak, the President of the European Business Club – Poland Ambassador Extraordinary and  plenipotentiary of the Republic of Croatia in Poland – Mr. Ivan Del Vecchio, who was ending his diplomatic mission in Poland,  met with members of the Club. The two-day talks were held in a Gueshouse under Roses owned by members of our Association – Barbara and Ryszard Różański. The meeting was attended by the Mayor of Jedlnia – Mr. Piotr Leśnowolski, as well as the representatives of local businesses.

This was not the first meeting of the European Business Club members with His Excellency Ivan del Vecchio. We had the pleasure to host the Ambassador on June 26, 2012, at a meeting on Polish – Croatian cooperation. This time the reason was the completion of his diplomatic mission and to discuss the implementation of the program. President Janusz Cieślak congratulated the Ambassador for joining European Union by the Republic of Croatia, and thanked for their constructive and friendly cooperation of His Excellency with our Club.

The personal commitment of Ambassador resulted in establishing business contacts with specific Croatian entrepreneurs, as well as the appointment of the Warsaw Branch of Polish – Croatian Society.

The President pointed out that Mr. Ivan Del Vecchio was also the President of the Club of Polish-speaking Ambassadors accredited in our country, the number of which has already exceeded 20 people. An expression of thanks to His Excellency for the fruitful cooperation with our Association was documented with the diploma of the European Business Club Poland handed the guest by the President Janusz Cieślak in the company of co-owner of Hotel under Roses – Mrs. Barbara Rożanska and Chairman of the Warsaw Branch of Polish – Croatian Society Mrs. Beata Przybyszewska – Kujawa.

Ivan-Del-VechioAs an acknowledgement, the Association awarded Ambassador a Diploma. Ivan Del Vecchio highly assessed the cooperation with our organization and reminded the cooperation between our two countries during his diplomatic mission in Poland.

He emphasized that he wants to continue its co-operation with our Association and offered to organize Polish entrepreneurs trade mission to Croatia under his auspices.
In addition to representatives of affiliated companies in our Society, the mission would also be attended by members of the Polish – Croatian Society.

His offer was greeted with great interest. Details of the organization’s mission was, inter alia, the subject of an interesting and comprehensive discussion focused mainly on the directions and methods of development of mutual contacts and economic cooperation. The participants wished the Ambassador every success in a new job and received an assurance that during his next visit to Poland, Mr. Ivan del Vecchio will not forget to meet with members of our club. Hotel under Roses is located in the picturesque Jedlnia resort town situated in the Kozienicki Forest. Beautiful scenery and a unique microclimate were wonderful setting for a meeting and substantive conversation. Excellent food made the elapsed time spent in a pleasant atmosphere and remained for a long time in the memory of the participants.



of European Business Club Poland
for His Excellency Ivan del Vecchio

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Croatia in the Republic of Poland as an expression of heartfelt thanks for the successful cooperation with our association in the performance of a diplomatic mission.
Comprehensive activity of His Excellency resulted a significant contribution to the development of cooperation businessmen associated with our club.
Comprehensive activity of His Excellency resulted a significant contribution to the development of business cooperation in our club affiliated with the Croatian entrepreneurs and bring mutual economic effects of social and cultural activities as well as many practical solutions including the establishment of of the Warsaw Branch of Polish – Croatian Society.
We wish that your work in a new position and was a source of inspiration to continue our cooperation.

Janusz Cieślak

Warsaw 20.07.2013

Ukraine – interesting and promising market at hand’s reach

_DSC0721Within the series of meetings with accredited ambassadors in the Republic of Poland members of the European Business Club Poland had a meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of Ukraine – professor Markiyan Malski and the Minister Councellor dr (PhD) Taras Tokarski in the welcoming Hotel-Restaurant ,,Czarny Kot’’- My Warsaw Residence, upon the invitation of the President Janusz Cieslak.

The Ukrainian guests had given information on the current economic situation in their country and actual status and perspectives of economic co-operation with Poland.

In February  2013 the Ukrainian government had approved a programme concerning the activisation of the economy for the years 2013-2014. Means for the realization of this plan are to derive from the state budget as well as from international financial organizations, from credits guaranteed by the state, from private investments and companies’ own means (value of the programme-380 billion UAH/48 billion USD)._DSC0658 The programme includes inter alia: rise of Ukraine’s GDP in 2013 up to 2,5-3,4 % and in 2014-3,4% as well as an increase in the production of machinery industry by 10% and agricultural production by 25%.

Priorities of the programme: increasing the competitiveness of the economy, improving investment conditions, supporting local producers introducing the policy of import substitution, development of hi-tech industry (rocket-space, aviation), conducting structural reforms in state companies as well as in the infrastructure and communication and the fuel and energy sector. Great priority is to be given to the development of potential export.


Poland is on the the fourth place among the importers of foods and services from Ukraine and on the fifth place among exporters to this country. The balance of mutual turnover is positive for Poland. The main areas of interest for investors are:

  • Energy (investment in obtaining energy sources especially coal and natural gas), renewable sources of energy, energy-saving,
  • Investment balance in the production and distribution of electrical energy
  • Agricultural and food industry ( investment in animal and plant farming as well as agricultural and food processing)
  • Building industry (investment in housing construction, infrastructure investment).

In relations with Ukraine Polish entrepreneurs talk about the barriers that exist of systematic nature which make economic co-operation harder. The main barriers are:

  • not in time payment of VAT to exporters
  • the lack of transparency and immense changes in the Ukrainian law provisions.

A great concern is also the lack of special economic zones.

_DSC0725Polish entrepreneurs count on a fast and significant change in Polish-Ukrainian economic relations which will bring opportunities and favourable conditions for their development. This will be possible thanks to consistent support by Poland Ukraine’s European aspirations and possibility of signing the EU-Ukraine association agreement in the current year. Part of this support is the already being carried out by Poland concept of Eastern Partnership.

The currently uneasy Ukrainian market for Polish business is too important and perspective not to benefit from the arising opportunities of co-operation. It is worthwhile to judge them bilaterally as benefits arising concern two very close countries connected by history.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus at the meeting in the European Business Club Poland

The next guest of the European Business Club invited by the President Janusz Cieślak was the Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus  – His Excellency Profesor Viktar Gaisenak. The meeting took place in the welcoming hotel-restaurant „Czarny Kot – My Warsaw Residence”.

Our guest was accompanied by: Trade Councellor of the Embassy Mr Michaił Trotsinski and Secretary of the Embassy Mr Jurij Kułabuhow

The topic of the meeting was economic co-operation between our country and Belarus as well as possibilities of conducting business and investing in that country.

The presentation was given by The Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus who shed more light on his country to the participants of the meeting. In 2012 the economy in Belarus noted a 5,7% increase in industry production in comparison to 2011, agricultural production by 6.1% and increase in export by 14%. Among the most important countries – investors in Belarus Poland is on the 11th place. In 2012 Polish investments were at the level of 128 million USD/ in 2011 – 84,5 million USD. In Belarus there are currently 550 companies with Polish capital.

During a lively discussion and due to the asked questions Mr Ambassador indicated why it is worthwhile to conduct economic activity in Belarus. First of all due to the closeness and availability of transport, stability and low level of crime and corruption, state guarantees and reliefs, cheap and qualified labour force as well as developed and well maintained infrastructure.

A great benefit for Belarus is the concluded Customs Union with Russia and Kazakhstan as well as the Common Economic Space established on 01.01.2012 which allows for a free flow of products and capital, mobility of labour force, unification of technological regulations and certifications, standardization of macroeconomic policy and unified rules of industry and agriculture subsidy.

A big incentive for small companies (up to 100 people) is a 5% income tax or 3% of VAT. Agricultural producers pay 1% of tax from their general income and 0% of VAT. In free economic zones the income tax amounts to 0% for 5 years and 10% of VAT. In hi-tech parks the income tax and VAT are null for 15 years. An interesting and content-related meeting ended with long informal talks on the subjects mentioned at the meeting.


A thank you letter from the Ambassador of the republic of Bela rus to Poland

Podziękowanie Ambasadora Białorusi


Dear Mr President,

Please accept my sincere gratitude for inviting me, giving me the opportunity to participate and give a presentation at the meeting with businessmen – members of the Association „European Business Club Poland” which took place in Warsaw on the 26th of February 2013.

I wish to truly thank you for the friendly atmosphere during the meeting, hospitality, great organization and content-related preparation of this undertaking.

I hope that the demonstrated positive attitude of the management and members of the “European Business Club” shown towards development of co-operation with Belarus will result in the realization of mutually favourable projects in Belarus.

I wish You and all members of the association further success in professional and personal matters, all the best, good health as well as I hope to remain in touch.

Yours sincerely


President of the Polish Academy of Sciences Professor Michał Kleiber – guest of the European Business Club Poland

Prezes PAN Profesor Michał Kleiber gościem Europejskiego Klubu Biznesu PolskaOn the 29.01.2013 upon the invitation of the President Janusz Cieślak, Michał Kleiber the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences was the guest of the Association. The meeting took place in the welcoming hotel-restaurant „Czarny Kot – My Warsaw Residence”.

The speech of Professor Michał Kleiber was given on the current situation in the area of co-operation of research and business environment looping from the perspective of its development with particular interest in the issue of innovation and creativity as important elements of the development of Polish economy.

According to our speaker the last 20 years, are the years of Polish success maybe not complete and far from our expectations but still inevitably a success. It was based on cheap labour force, privatization, foreign investment, foreign interest in Poland and the interest of Poland in foreign co-operation. This stage of Poland’s development is coming to an end and as a country we still don’t have a good idea for the future. We should therefore think about how to change our education system so as to be more competitive which would ensure further development of our country, how to improve the system of science research, what model of energy development to accept which will link security with the cost as well as requirements concerning environment, which technologies should be developed in Poland and which ones should be purchased abroad. In other words we have to answer the question how our future should look like which relies a great deal on currently made decisions.

The speaker has given a lot of concern to “New innovation culture”. Members of the Club especially those who run their own companies with great satisfaction have welcomed the fact that currently in the era of development of networking society it is necessary for science and business to co-operate.

Innovation should be the synergy of knowledge, entrepreneurship, thought through legal regulations and common faith in human creativity. According to Professor Michał Kleiber currently we can observe a very low culture of innovation seen as the respect for human creativity, for challenges of contemporary times and promotion of people of success in Poland. We have many Polish companies which present thorough , innovative and international success and which can be shown as an example to follow. In our country we have many scholars of worldwide success but in Poland they are little known.

Therefore the change in supporting strategy is inevitable. The state should conduct anticipative and not reactive policy, it should inspire the development of culture, respect for innovation, introduce contemporary regulations and offer public aid for innovative activities. According to Professor our effort should concentrate on the analysis of the situation on world markets followed by finding the market niche in already existing economic links and looking for the partners for who we would have something innovative to offer. We should also promote our intellectual and manufacturing potential. Currently one can set the production almost everywhere but creating a new product or service is a true challenge. Therefore priorities for education connected with entrepreneurship support are so important – it is the only way for real economic successes. The speaker emphasizes that we are one of the few countries in the world that does not have a well functioning centre for strategic studies which would give the decision-makers key current information and  long-term solutions.

Zebrani goście zadająParticularly interesting for the gathered entrepreneurs were the comments of Professor Michał Kleiber on the need of possessing the awareness of global challenges and knowledge on methods of financing innovations. The current system of financing is not optimal. The main element of the current system are grants, so they are means dedicated to specific research and development work. However these grants are awarded without an in-depth knowledge about the market reality. More effects would be seen if those means were given awarded as financial incentives for companies undertaking innovative activities because it is the entrepreneurs that know the best what has a real chance on the market. The state must send clear signals to the world economy that the most effective way of building an innovative country is to support research and development. The signal should be constant, even a small increase in the budget of science and introducing fiscal benefits enhancing entrepreneurs to invest in research. Innovation gives a chance for permanent success.

In his speech Professor Michał Kleiber also talked about the role of banks in the development of innovations. According to him banks should have better possibilities of financing investments and also higher capability of valuation of existing risk.

To summarize, the speaker stated that Poland is not innovative and unfortunately is seen as such in the world. In order to change this situation a cross-sector development strategy is needed. Creative thinking and innovative activities based on a wide social support are the only chance for a stable economic growth of 5%.


The presentation of professor Michał Kleiber has been given a lot interest and applause by the Members of the European Business Club Poland. It also created and interesting discussion in which the practicing people in business affirmed the statements said.

Christmas meeting of the members of the EBC Poland.

Wystąpienie Prezesa Zarządu Janusza Cieślaka, fot. Stanisław Godula

In a view of the upcoming Christmas and New Year 2013 the Board of the European Business Club – Poland organized on 12.12.2012, in hospitable Hotel – Restaurant “Black Cat – My Warsaw Residence” meeting for members of the Club. The meeting was an opportunity to collectively enjoy the upcoming days of joy and reflection and to make a preliminary assessment of the activities of the Association in the past year.

President Janusz Cieślak said in his speech about the achievements of the Club in the past year and future plans. He also thanked  all the members of the Association for very good cooperation and asked them  to continue cooperation in upcoming year.  He also wished all present at the meeting members and their families best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Indywidualne życzenia i dzielenie się opłatkiem, fot. Stanisław GodulaThen, time came for individual wishes and dividing of the Christmas wafer. As usual, Mrs. Elżbieta Studzińska took care of everything, and this time she offered a great menu based on traditional Polish dishes and homemade pastries. Members of the European Business Club Poland have the opportunity to enjoy the time spent with friends and colleagues in an elegant setting and a family atmosphere. Certainly, sounds of Polish Christmas carols, Christmas trees glow and the smell of Christmas have put us in a festive mood of Christmas and welcome of the New Year 2013.

X Anniversary Gala Pearls of the Polish Economy.

Prezes Janusz Cieślak wraz z małżonką oraz Panią Prezes Polish Market  Krystyną Wożniak-Trzosek fot. Stanisław Godula

10th Anniversary Gala of the Pearls of the Polish Economy, was held at the Royal Palace on November 16.

Gala is organized by the publisher of the monthly English-language magazine – Polish Market, under the patronage of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Waldemar Pawlak and the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Professor. Michał Kleiber. The ceremony was attended by nearly 450 people – representatives of Polish business, government, academia, culture, diplomacy and sports.

European Business Club – Poland was represented by the President Janusz Cieślak and his wife. The main item on the agenda was the announcement the results of ranking of the Pearls of the Polish Economy, which is the result of research conducted by the Institute of Economic
Prezes Janusz Cieślak z małżonką w rozmowie z laureatem  nagrody "Perła Honorowa" profesorem Jerzym Stuhrem oraz Vice Prezes Polish Market Panią Grażyną Jaskułą. fot. Stanisław GodulaSciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences and published by the editors of the Polish Market. It is the only Polish qualitative ranking not made ​​on the basis of subjective evaluations. Developed in the Institute of Economics algorithm ranks companies according to the dynamics and efficiency of their use of capital resources, means of production and labor, using seven indicators of international audit. In the first group “Great” Pearls of the Polish Economy in 2012 were: KGHM Polish Copper SA Synthos And LPP SA Capital Group G K. and “Large” Pearls of the Polish Economy: Avio Poland Sp. with o.o. Faurecia Gorzów Sp. of o.o. and Stalprofil SA. For the first time during the Pearls of the Polish Economy gala, were awarded Pearls of the Innovation – PROGRESS. The group of companies, which this year introduced an interesting, innovative projects include: SAS Institute Poland, Canal + Cyfrowy, Trax Elektronic, PKP Intercity and PKO Polish Bank.

For the seventh time they were awarded Honorary Pearls of Polish Market. This is a special laurel, awarded to outstanding individuals and institutions whose professional achievements, experience, prestige, ethics and personal values ​​provide a guarantee of good repute of being declared ambassadors of Polish values  in the fields of economy, science, culture, traditions and promote Polish heritage and the promotion of social values.
Prezes Janusz Cieślak z małżonką w rozmowie z laureatem nagrody "Specjalna Perła Honorowa" profesorem Henrykiem Skarżyńskim. fot. Stanisław GodulaThis year the Special Honorary Pearl received otosurgeon and world-renowned specialist in otorhinolaryngology, audiology and phoniatrics – Prof. Henry Skarżyński.

In other categories, the winners were: the economy – and Professor Paul Olechnowicz,. Zbigniew Hockuba; science – prof. Marek Krawczyk and prof. Andrzej Buko, culture (music) – Jacek Sykulski and Poznań Boys’ Choir, Mary Mary, Bernard Ladysz, culture (theater) – Polish Television Theatre and Jerzy Stuhr, culture (arts promotion) – Adam Slept and prof. Czeslaw Frejlich, promote social values ​​- Bozena Kazanowska; promote patriotic values​​: – Francis Thomas Ludwin.

Pearls of the Polish Economy Gala was graced by performances of outstanding artists. They performed Alexander Tchaikovsky-Ladysz, Poznań Boys’ Choir under the direction of Jack Sykulski and winners of Disabled Youth Song Festival, under the auspices of “Polish Market”.