Honorary Patronage of the European Business Club – Poland of the X National Congress of Fire Service

phoca_thumb_l_img_0003_1000On July 25, 2013 at the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw took place the 10th Congress of Fire Service dedicated to fire safety. This year’s event attracted a record number of participants.

Nearly 715 professionals, mainly from the decision-making level, visited the exhibitions prepared by the invited exhibitors. Among the guests of the Congress were leading office designers, installers and system integrators, construction companies, engineers and security consultants, representatives of ministries and government departments or employees and technical services industry and energy representatives, as well as representatives of Fire Service from across Poland. Honorary Patronage of the Congress of the European Business Club – Poland represented in the proceedings by the President Janusz Cieślak.

phoca_thumb_l_img_1934_1000A rich program of lectures substance was aimed at issues related to fire protection and energy security in the building and industry, especially in the prevention of fires and accidents, and the correct design of modern buildings. The organizers took care of the careful selection of topics, not only in terms of their attractiveness merits, but also show the possibility of coordination between all the systems  in action during the fire.

A total of 23 papers were presented moving important issues devoted to the security of objects in accordance with applicable standards, requirements and changes in regulations. Led discussion was characterized by a high level of scientific expertise, exhibitors and exhibition was a review of news and special solutions, which led to widespread interest in the guests. Congress was accompanied by demonstrations of equipment, systems and technologies. Participants could also seek the advice and consultation combined with practical guidelines for designers and installers.