Farewell weekend with the Ambassador of Croatia.

On July 19-20, 2013 at the invitation of Janusz Cieślak, the President of the European Business Club – Poland Ambassador Extraordinary and  plenipotentiary of the Republic of Croatia in Poland – Mr. Ivan Del Vecchio, who was ending his diplomatic mission in Poland,  met with members of the Club. The two-day talks were held in a Gueshouse under Roses owned by members of our Association – Barbara and Ryszard Różański. The meeting was attended by the Mayor of Jedlnia – Mr. Piotr Leśnowolski, as well as the representatives of local businesses.

This was not the first meeting of the European Business Club members with His Excellency Ivan del Vecchio. We had the pleasure to host the Ambassador on June 26, 2012, at a meeting on Polish – Croatian cooperation. This time the reason was the completion of his diplomatic mission and to discuss the implementation of the program. President Janusz Cieślak congratulated the Ambassador for joining European Union by the Republic of Croatia, and thanked for their constructive and friendly cooperation of His Excellency with our Club.

The personal commitment of Ambassador resulted in establishing business contacts with specific Croatian entrepreneurs, as well as the appointment of the Warsaw Branch of Polish – Croatian Society.

The President pointed out that Mr. Ivan Del Vecchio was also the President of the Club of Polish-speaking Ambassadors accredited in our country, the number of which has already exceeded 20 people. An expression of thanks to His Excellency for the fruitful cooperation with our Association was documented with the diploma of the European Business Club Poland handed the guest by the President Janusz Cieślak in the company of co-owner of Hotel under Roses – Mrs. Barbara Rożanska and Chairman of the Warsaw Branch of Polish – Croatian Society Mrs. Beata Przybyszewska – Kujawa.

Ivan-Del-VechioAs an acknowledgement, the Association awarded Ambassador a Diploma. Ivan Del Vecchio highly assessed the cooperation with our organization and reminded the cooperation between our two countries during his diplomatic mission in Poland.

He emphasized that he wants to continue its co-operation with our Association and offered to organize Polish entrepreneurs trade mission to Croatia under his auspices.
In addition to representatives of affiliated companies in our Society, the mission would also be attended by members of the Polish – Croatian Society.

His offer was greeted with great interest. Details of the organization’s mission was, inter alia, the subject of an interesting and comprehensive discussion focused mainly on the directions and methods of development of mutual contacts and economic cooperation. The participants wished the Ambassador every success in a new job and received an assurance that during his next visit to Poland, Mr. Ivan del Vecchio will not forget to meet with members of our club. Hotel under Roses is located in the picturesque Jedlnia resort town situated in the Kozienicki Forest. Beautiful scenery and a unique microclimate were wonderful setting for a meeting and substantive conversation. Excellent food made the elapsed time spent in a pleasant atmosphere and remained for a long time in the memory of the participants.



of European Business Club Poland
for His Excellency Ivan del Vecchio

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Croatia in the Republic of Poland as an expression of heartfelt thanks for the successful cooperation with our association in the performance of a diplomatic mission.
Comprehensive activity of His Excellency resulted a significant contribution to the development of cooperation businessmen associated with our club.
Comprehensive activity of His Excellency resulted a significant contribution to the development of business cooperation in our club affiliated with the Croatian entrepreneurs and bring mutual economic effects of social and cultural activities as well as many practical solutions including the establishment of of the Warsaw Branch of Polish – Croatian Society.
We wish that your work in a new position and was a source of inspiration to continue our cooperation.

Janusz Cieślak

Warsaw 20.07.2013