Christmas meeting of the members of the EBC Poland.

Wystąpienie Prezesa Zarządu Janusza Cieślaka, fot. Stanisław Godula

In a view of the upcoming Christmas and New Year 2013 the Board of the European Business Club – Poland organized on 12.12.2012, in hospitable Hotel – Restaurant “Black Cat – My Warsaw Residence” meeting for members of the Club. The meeting was an opportunity to collectively enjoy the upcoming days of joy and reflection and to make a preliminary assessment of the activities of the Association in the past year.

President Janusz Cieślak said in his speech about the achievements of the Club in the past year and future plans. He also thanked  all the members of the Association for very good cooperation and asked them  to continue cooperation in upcoming year.  He also wished all present at the meeting members and their families best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Indywidualne życzenia i dzielenie się opłatkiem, fot. Stanisław GodulaThen, time came for individual wishes and dividing of the Christmas wafer. As usual, Mrs. Elżbieta Studzińska took care of everything, and this time she offered a great menu based on traditional Polish dishes and homemade pastries. Members of the European Business Club Poland have the opportunity to enjoy the time spent with friends and colleagues in an elegant setting and a family atmosphere. Certainly, sounds of Polish Christmas carols, Christmas trees glow and the smell of Christmas have put us in a festive mood of Christmas and welcome of the New Year 2013.