Croatia – a small country with an ambitious investment program, a guest of the European Business Club – Poland

Spotkanie z ambasadorem Chorwacji

Emerald sea, beaches, monuments, good wines and landscapes – direction of tourist travels for thousands of Poles. On a daily basis we do not realize, that nearly four and a half million nation, which involves our Slavic roots and soon will join the European community have recently experienced serious economic problems.

According to preliminary estimates, Croatian Bureau of Statistics (DZS) Croatian GDP in 2011, rose by 0.2% compared to 2010. It was the first, although a small increase in GDP since 2008. Still strong support to the economy is tourism. Last year, Croatia was visited by 11.5 million people. These are just some of the data from Mr. Ivan Del Vecchio, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia, which was a visitor at the invitation of the President of the European Business Club – Poland Janusz Cieślak.

During the meeting at the hotel – restaurant “Black Cat – My Warsaw Residence” Ambassador Ivan Del Vecchio answered a series of questions, outlined the scope and scale of bilateral trade and investment opportunities.

Although the value of Polish export in 2011 exceeded supply from countries such as the Netherlands, Czech Republic, United Kingdom and Spain, still does not reflect the real potential of both countries. Well, the most important information concerning the Croatian strategic plan projects. It will be a kind of Croatian “New Deal “, whose main task will be the development and growth – warm-up of the Croatian economy.

One of the most interesting facts is the basis of the public – private partnership plan (PPP). Already have been presented investment projects which will be implemented over the next three years in the PPP, They are: public buildings, schools, courts, prisons, museums, theaters and a complex of government buildings on the bank of the river Sava.

The financing of these projects would come from the EU structural funds, as well as from the renowned international financial institutions, of which the government. Polish enterpreneurs were invited to cooperate in the implementation of these projects.

For example, in the construction of schools, it is assumed that the private partner will build a school, and later will be renting it for 25 years.
According to the PPP, county – Żupania (province), the city or the municipality uphold will share costs according to the formula: 55% state, 35% Żupania and 10% municipality or city. Thus is it worth to use the Croatian experience in the implementation of PPPs, in particular, as pointed out during a recent visit to Warsaw of Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic – in Croatia PPP exists in tenders, especially for large infrastructure projects as the construction of railway lines and the expansion of port terminals.
Ambasador does not live with only economy. Mutual wishes for both national football teams testify to the fact. Croatian guest wished Polish team only winning matches in the upcoming European Championships in football and for the two teams to meet in the final of the tournament.