VI European Economic Congress.

On May 7-9, 2014. in Katowice was held VI European Economic Congress. It has been attended by over 6000 participants from all over the world. The guests of the Congress were Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Deputy Prime Minister Elżbieta Bieńkowska – Minister of Infrastructure and Development and Janusz Piechociński – Minister of Economy as well as other Polish ministers and ministers of other European countries.

Sesja plenarna
Plenary session

Congress was also attended by the main negotiators of the agreement between the European Union and the United States. The signing of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership will mean the creation of the largest free trade area in the world. It will create enormous opportunities for business cooperation on both sides of the Atlantic. Interesting discussion was focused on the most important challenges facing the European continent, in particular the competitiveness of European goods and the creation of a strong European market, unfettered by excessive regulations.
President of the European Business Club Poland Janusz Cieslak participated in the solemn opening and plenary session devoted to the European Global Economic Co-operation and panel sessions devoted to economic cooperation: European Union – United States, European Union – China, as well as on supporting the development of Polish entrepreneurs in the country and abroad, financing investments and development of banking sector in the European Union. He also participated in many other events including the ceremony held by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development awarding winners or the competitions: “Innovative Project”, “Innovative Business Environment Institution” and “Innovative Entrepreneur”. He have also met, among others, with the Ambassadors of the United Kingdom and France, whom he invited for a meeting with members of our Association. Mr. Cieslak have also established interesting contacts, which should lead to the start of business co-operation of the European Business Club Poland with new domestic and foreign partners. President Janusz Cieslak was invited by the organizers to participate in the next VII European Economic Congress, which will take place in Katowice in 2015.
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