European Business Club Poland awards handed out!

The European Business Club Association honoured, for the fifth time in its history, at the annual Gala at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, individuals and firms which distinguishably contributed to the development of entrepreneurship, economy, science, culture and sports in Poland, with its awards. As every year, the Association recognised the laureates, who have contributed to the development  of entrepreneurship, economy, science, culture and sport in Poland, and who have achieved  success on a European and global scale.

The following winners received the honorary awards of the European Business Club Poland:


European Congress of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

for significant contribution to the process of strengthening Poland’s position in the European Union and supporting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises



Professor h. c. Andrzej Kraśnicki  

President of Polish Olympic Committee

in recognition of long-term activities for strengthening the position of Polish sport all over the world and disseminating the Olympic ideas and fair play values



Mrs. Sylwia Ładzińska and Mr. Rafał Ładziński

owners of the firm Metal-Master

for 20 years of successes in construction, production and export to countries all over the globe of innovative machines and equipment as well as and also for constructing the jet aircraft FLARIS – a landmark in jet transport technology



Mr. Krzysztof Bołtowicz

owner of the car company BOŁTOWICZ

for long-standing professionalism, creativity, courageous and dynamic management of the automobile firm Bołtowicz



Mr. Sławomir Kowalski

former Consul of the Republic of Poland in Norway

for courage, empathy and involvement in protecting Polish families aboard

 and proud representation of Poland



Mr. Mariusz Woźniak

Entrepreneur from the United Kingdom

for his consistent activity to strengthen the position of the Polish community abroad in the United Kingdom, professionalism and professional successes



Mr. Jan Łosakiewicz

Director of the Dance and Song Ensemble of the University of Warsaw ”Warszawianka”

for upholding the tradition of the Polish folklore and outstanding contribution to the development of the Polish dances



NTT System S.A.

for 30 years of the courage in thinking, bushiness effectiveness, organisational innovativeness and dynamic development of the computer market in Poland



Ms. Agata Janiak

Director of the Educational and Care Centre in Tomisławice

for 23 years of her work for difficult young people and outstanding successes in implementing the individualisation of the process of education and care



The Foundation ”Dom w Łodzi”

for the sea of love and creating a safe and loving home for the youngest, terminally ill, disabled and abandoned children


All the lauretes, in the light of the justification of the prizes awarded, our laureates’ activities carried out for local or industry communities are the best example of not only professional but also social ones, and their conduct is worth following and being made them public. The purpose of this project is to boost the prestige and high position of business environment in Poland, and to promote business initiatives, entrepreneurs, firms, institutions, organisations and social activity.

Award Committee is chaired by Professor Elżbieta Mączyńska, President of the Polish Economic Society, Member of the National Development Council.

This year’s Gala was held under the honorary patronage of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who sent the participants of the Gala a letter, that was read at the beginning of the ceremony. The letter to the Gala participants was presented by Stanisław Karczewski, Deputy Speaker of the Senate. Like in the last the event was on entered on the list of projects implemented as part of Poland’s centenary anniversary of regaining independence and restoration of the Polish statehood, and it received the visual identification of the Multiannual Programme ”Niepodległa”.

The event gathered guests from all over Poland and from abroad, including entrepreneurs, diplomats accredited in Poland, MPs and senators as well as representatives of the world of culture, sport and the media. The Honorary Guests were: Piotr Wawrzyk, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who spoke on behalf of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Andrzej Gut – Mostowy, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Development, who read a letter addressed to participants by Jadwiga Emilewicz, Minister of Development, Zbigniew Gryglas, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of State Assets spoke on behalf of the Minister of State Assets. The letter from Grzegorz Witkowski, UnderSecretary of State in the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Shipping, was read out by Rene Karkoche, representative of the Ministry’s Press Office. Laudations on the occasion of granting the Main Award were given by: Adam Abramowicz, the Envoy for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises for the European Congress of Small and Medium-Sized and prof. Dr hab. Andrzej Rokita for doctor Andrzej Kraśnicki.

Among the institutional Honorary Patrons were: Ministry of Development, Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Polish Chamber of Commerce, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Polish Economic Society, Employers of Poland, Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers.

The Main Partner of the event was Polish Agency for Enterprise Development

The Strategic Partner was the Port of Gdynia.

The partner was the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

The exclusive TV patronage was taken by TVP INFO.

The media patrons were: Polish Market economic magazine, Europerspektywy quarterly, Why Story monthly, Ambasador magazine and Świat Elit magazine.

Traditionally, the gala was hosted by the editor Przemysław Talkowski, winner of the BENE MERITUS 2015 HIGHLY DISTINGUISHED.

The official part was opened by the „Polka” dance, performed by the wonderful ‘Warszawianka’ Folk Song and Dance Ensemble of Warsaw University, winner of the  PRO FUTURO 2017 FOR THE FUTURE  award.  The award ceremony was preceded by a mini recital of Mateusz Mijal who charmed everyone with his performance of three known and popular songs: ”Lubię wracać tam gdzie byłem” from Zbigniew Wodecki’s repertoire, ”Uciekaj moje serce” from Seweryn Krajewski’s repertoire and ”Nie chcę więcej” from Michał Bajor’s repertoire. Furthermore, the presentation of the VICTORIA EUROPAE 2019 EUROPEAN VICTORY Main Award was preceded by the performance of the lyric tenor Chaoran Zuo who presented the participants his artistry in the works: Stanisław Moniuszko’s song ”Krakowiaczek”, Feliks Nowowiejski’s song ”Czy ty mnie jeszcze kochasz” and Zieliński’s aria ”Gdy ślub weźmiesz z twoim Stachem” and „O sole mio” as an encore.

After the official part of the ceremony, the guests moved to Kubicki Arcades to enjoy a party during which they had the opportunity to taste delicious dishes prepared by Kręgliccy Restaurant and the best Polish fish prepared especially for this occasion by the Złoty Okoń Restaurant. The table with Polish fish which arose a great interest, was prepared as part of the promotion of the Operational Programme ”Fisheries and Sea” for the years 2014–2020 implemented by the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Shipping. The company MOKATE had its stand with its products: delicious coffee, tea and cookies.

All guests rated highly the selection of this year’s laureates, the artistic program and delicious and varied cuisine.

We would like to congratulate the Laureates once again!



European Business Club Poland Gala Awards Ceremony 2018.


The Royal Castle in Warsaw

12th November 2018

This project is part of the commemoration of the centennial of the regaining of independence

and rebuilding Polish statehood.


On the 12th November 2018 at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, the European Business Club Poland Awards  Gala Ceremony was held, on the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence. The Association honoured with the awards people and companies that have contributed significantly to the development of Polish entrepreneurship, economy, science, culture and sport, and that have succeeded on the European and international scale. Complete information about the Award Winners and the awards has been included in the first part of the publication. During the event, the 100th anniversary of restoration of Polish independence was commemorated by awarding companies, whose business activity dates back to that period, and also by a carefully prepared artistic program of a patriotic meaning. The event was distinguished with a visual identification of the Multi-annual Programme  „Niepodległa” for the years 2017-2022.

The European Business Club Poland takes a holistic approach to business issues. It understands the meaning of culture, science, sport, media and the whole surroundings to entrepreneurship. Such a comprehensive approach indicates a synergy between business activity and other areas, as a result of which there is a multi-direction development of society, humanitarianism and improvement of life quality, which is crucial for entrepreneurship growth. The Association relies on particular rules and the system of values and ideals. These are: culture, ethos, morality, ethics and social solidarity. The Awards of the European Business Club Poland aim at those values, being their personification.

Guests were welcomed by Janusz Cieślak, the President of the European Business Club Poland, who in his speech presented the issues handled by the Association and he invited the guest for co-operation. Prof. Elżbieta Mączyńska, the Chancellery President, reminded about the rules followed by the Chancellery when choosing the winners, namely an economic success, but also morality, ethics and values extremely important to the Association. A speech was given by Zdzisław Sokal, PhD, representing President of Poland, Adrzej Duda, and Adam Bielan, Vice-Marshal of the Senate, who read a letter from Stanisław Karczewski, the Marshal of the Senate – the Gala Honorary Patron.  Prof. Zdzisław Krasnodębski, the Vice-President of the European Parliament and the Gala Honorary Patron, spoke to the guests directly from Brussels via a video conference. A speech was given also by Marcin Ociepa, the Under Secretary of State in the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology. Letters were read at loud, from Marek Kuchciński, the Marshal of the Parliament, Beata Szydło, the Vice-President of the Government and Jerzy Kwieciński, the Minister for Investment and Development. Traditionally, the Gala ceremony was hosted by Przemysław Talkowski, the winner of the award BENE MERITUS 2015 HIGHLY DISTINGUISHED.

The artistic program during the ceremony started with a mini recital on the piano by a young, talented pianist Krzysztof Trzaskowski. The artist played the pieces by Frederic Chopin twice. The official part started with the Polonez dance by the “Warszawianka” Song and Dance Ensemble from the University of Warsaw, awarded with the prize PRO FUTURO 2017 FOR THE FUTURE. The program included also Paintings made with sand by Tatiana Galitsyn, a beautiful, specially made for this occasion show related to the 100th anniversary of the Polish independency reestablishment. The awards ceremony was ended with a wonderful concert of patriotic songs by the world-famous tenor Bogusław Morka, who accompanied by the piano charmed the audience with his beautiful voice, the selected repertoire and an amazing contact with the listeners.

Next, the guests went to Arkada Kubickiego to raise a toast and attended a reception during which they could taste the best Polish fish. The table with the Polish fish, which really interested everyone, was prepared as a promotion under the Operation Program “Fishing and sea” for years 2014 – 2020 executed by the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Waterways Transport. Among this year winners, the stands with products were presented by:

the company MOKATE with a very good coffee, tea and cookies, and the Living Museum of Gingerbread with delicious gingerbread made on the spot. Both stands were really enjoyed by the guests.

The patronage was also taken by: the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, the Ministry of Investment and Development, the Polish Agency of Investment and Trade, the National Chamber of Economy, the Polish Economic Association, the Polish Employers, the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers.

The Main Sponsor of the event was Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo Spółka Akcyjna. The patron was Deutsche Bank. The partner – the Royal Castle in Warsaw. The sponsor was Port Praski.

The media patronage was taken by TVP INFO, Polish Market, Europerspektywy, Nowy Przemysł, platforma wirtualna Nowy Przemysł, Ambasador, Magazyn Świat Elit and the magazine Why Story.

The event was supported by Hotel Bristol, where the award winners from Lvov and Bogusław Morka stayed. The guests were protected by the Security Group “WALKRYS SECURITY”, member of the European Business Club Poland.

The guests evaluated very high both the winners, the artistic program and the delicious and varied cuisine. Congratulations and talks lasted endlessly, and the Guests enjoyed the party to the very late night hours.

More information about the Gala and the Winners can be found on:

We would like to congratulate to the Winners.

We would like to thank Members of the Chancellery for their fruitful work.

We would like to thank the guests for coming and for participating together with the Management Board and Members of the European Business Club Poland Association in this important to entrepreneurs event.

See you at the next Award Gala Ceremony of the European Business Club Poland in 2019!