Inauguration of the Academic Year 2012/2013 The Academy of Computer Science, Management and Administration in Warsaw.

The Academy of Computer Science, Management and Administration in Warsaw – Good College – on October 13, 2012 inaugurated the new academic year 2012/2013 in the Porczyński Gallery. The inauguration was attended by representatives of the European Business Club Poland – President Janusz Cieślak and members of the Board Jacek Dybowski and Marek Rączkowski.

Prof. dr hab. inż. Zdzisław NowakowskiThe Good College exists and works since 1999, constantly expanding its educational offer.
It educates students in six fields: administration and national security at the undergraduate and graduate level, logistics, information technology, engineering, management and production engineering and domestic security, journalism and communication at the undergraduate level.
Courses of studies at the college are selected to meet the requirments of job market – “there is no production” of unemployed graduates, which is not a small problem for large part of the Polish higher education institutions.
Przemówienie Prezesa EKB Polska Janusza CieślakaThe implementation of the reform required from the authorities of the College, the Senate, the student government and academics a lot of effort.

Basic documents of the College have been modified : the statute and study regulations, aims of education in the fields of study and levels of education at the College were developed, including knowledge, and social skills needed for the proper formation of the graduate profile and specialties.

The study program is divided into several segments. Segments include: general subjects, between directional and specialization diploma module. The latter segments on a graduate level are profiled in accordance with the needs of the economy.
The College attaches great importance to cooperation with the business environment as well as educational and scientific institutions, both domestic and foreign. The College through its educational cooperation organizes popular workshops.

Earlier mostly journalism, logistics and security workshops were held. This year, thematic workshops at the College were attended by over three thousand students from Warsaw and Mazovia County. Currently, we are expanding the range of information technology and administration workshops.

Poczet Sztandarowy Wyższej Szkoły Informatyki, Zarządzania i Administracji w WarszawieDevelopment of the College requires the development of scientific research and scientific cooperation with other institutions.

Published scientific papers recently received a score comparable with many renowned publications of public universities. As part of efforts to obtain the right to confer doctoral degrees in the discipline of science of safety school received a positive opinion of the Polish Accreditation Committee.

The College also has organized significant conferences such as “Security of events. Legal, administrative, social, and practical aspects . (Conference has been co-organized by the University of Rzeszów), „Future Language Learning Now. Innovative Applications and Methods for Language Training, “The common security and defense. The implication for the Polish”, “The European Union – NATO – Strategic security problems. Joint concepts – common problems ” – conference was co-organized by College of the Air Force Officers in Dęblin , “Polish energy security in the European Union – vision or reality?”.

On December 3, 2012, will be held conference concerning the “Evaluation of the level of the threat of terrorism and counter-terrorism organization of the system in Poland”.
The university strive to permanently that its graduates were recognized on the labor market and students were evidence of prestige of the College.