The President of EKB Polska Janusz Cieślak awarded the title of “21st Century Leader!

The Leader of Vocation Program, fourth final edition by the Why Story Magazine, was held at the University of Rzeszów on September 26, 2019.The two-day Congress was started by the International Conference, followed by the presentation of the “Leader of Vocation” awards, and ended by the Business Speed Dating at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Beata Sekuła, editor-in-chief of Why Story Magazine

The theme of the Congress is “From passion to real success” – Traits (innate and acquired), the role and situation of a modern Leader: mentor, social worker, artist, athlete, motivator or efficiently managing an enterprise, institution – an efficient economist.

The International Conference, which in addition to Polish entrepreneurs and scientists was attended by guests from Japan, consisted of the following discussion panels:

  1. How to effectively and passionally manage your own company, often times a family, innovative, supportive team (value system, positive energy, cooperation with the team, intuition, setting boundaries, sustainable development). Care for the quality of services, products in order to gain and develop cooperation with clients, challenges. Modern or traditional type of leader?
  2. Social leader and in local government, in the media, management of art, sport, science and medicine. Altruists, artists, athletes, scientists and doctors / therapists who, thanks to their own passions and commitment, achieve success in managing the group and team results.
  3. Modern or traditional type of leader. Management of an innovative company / institution supporting the team (positive energy, international cooperation with the team, intuition, setting boundaries, balance, coaching); elements of turquoise management and Leaders of the 21st century. Is a leader born or becomes a leader? Is there a recipe for effective management? His/her value system and impact on society. What are the roles of the leader and what predispositions and competences are conducive to fulfilling them? Tips for leaders at the beginning of the road.

The European Business Club Poland was represented by President Janusz Cieślak, who took part in panel three. In his speech he discussed the role of the leader and the qualities that the leader of the 21st century should fulfill in order to achieve success. This panel was also attended by: Karolina Hudowicz – member of the board of International Coach Federation Poland, Tomasz Kądziołka – president of the Olsztyn-Mazury airport, prof. dr hab. Wawrzyniec Konarski – rector of the Academy of Finance and Business Vistula in Warsaw, Olga Wilińska –, Agnieszka Myślak – director Mary Mary, Izabela Maruszewska – president of the Human Sensor Foundation, prof. dr Sylwester Czopek – rector of the University of Rzeszów, dr Iwona Sosnowska-Wieczorek – president of the In Corpore Foundation and Rehabilitation Center (Katowice, Częstochowa, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Gdańsk), Tadeusz Donocik – honorary president of the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Katowice, Anna Kozińska – a recognized trainer , long-term HR director in many corporations and banks, employee of SGH, president of the Leaders’ Association, dr Ewa Piacentile – vice president of the Polish-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida and the Americas, President of the International Institute of Polish Culture in Padua, vice president of the Union of Polish-Italian Associations and dr Andrzej Mochoń , President of Targi Kielce, Ewa Krawczyk – president of the Help Other Foundation and the Poles for Disabled Project.

Speech by Janusz Cieślak, President of EKB Polska during the panel

Then the titles of the “Leader by vocation” Program were awarded. Janusz Cieślak, President of the European Business Club Poland was honored with the most prestigious title –  „21st Century Leader”.

Editor Beata Sekuła and President Janusz Cieślak

Tadeusz Ferenc – mayor of Rzeszów, Jerzy Karwowski – president of the board of the Complex Rehabilitation Center Konstancin also received this title. Anna Dymna – an outstanding theater and film actress, founder and president of the „Mimo Wszystko” Foundation, Tadeusz Donocik – Honorary President of the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Katowice and Iwona Sosnowska-Wieczorek, president of the Foundation and the Center for Diagnostics and Rehabilitation In Corpore.

Editor Beata Sekuła with the “21st Century Leader” winners

Titles were also awarded in the following categories:

  • Leader of local and regional development – a distinction intended for city and commune hosts;
  • A social leader whose work and commitment is often dedicated to socially excluded people or children with disabilities;
  • Leader in culture and art;
  • Leader in sport;
  • Leader in science and education;
  • Business and management.
The winners

We would like to congratulate the President of the European Business Club Poland Janusz Cieślak and all the winners!

During the International Congress the Leader by Vocation, there was an exhibition of paintings by Elżbieta Murawska, painter and illustrator, eg. of the Grimms’ Fairy Tales.

The conference part ended with an artistic performance of Karo Glazer, vocalist, composer, music producer and business woman in one person. Karo is considered to be one of the most original jazz artists in recent years in Europe. She has a four-octave vocal range, which allows her to perform songs in almost every style, from jazz and pop to classical music or even hip hop. Because of her  extraordinary energy, she even has a nickname “Lady Dynamite”. The conference was also graced by the performance of the folk and pop group “Dukat” from Leśna near Żywiec.

Performance by Karolina Glazer (Karo)