Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki, Zarządzania i Administracji w Warszawie


Our Academy operates on Warsaw market for more than 16 Years.
It was established in 1999 and since the beginning it was focused on the quality of Student’s education.
Today our Academy consists of two Faculties: the Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration, with studies of 1st and 2nd level (Bachelor and Master’s degree). The Faculty of Computer Sciences and Telecommunication provides 1st level of Engineer studies.

Fields of Study:

ADMINISTRATION – link to Website:
LOGISTICS – link to Website:
NATIONAL SECURITY – link to Website:
INTERNAL SECURITY – link to Website:
COMPUTER SCIENCES – link to Website:
ECONOMIC LAW – link to Website:

Postgraduate Studies, Courses and Workshops.

Having taken into consideration the needs deriving from changing social and economic circumstances, as well as from Membership in the European Union, We place abundant offer of Workshops and Vocational Education.

Newest of them are:

EU Workshops and Projects – link to Website:

Academy of Employers in Poland – link to Website:

The ”Fine Academy” is more and more often rated as one of the Best High Schools in Poland. This is validated e.g. by the Newsweek’s ranging, where We have been considered 6th economic High School in the Country (ranking).

• The Rector of the Academy is prof. dr habilitatus engineer Zdzisław Nowakowski

• Our Academy is currently educating almost 2 000 Students.

• More than 3 000 people had already graduated from the Academy

• There are 7 Fields of Studies in our offer and as many as 40 Specializations.

• The ”Fine Academy” hosts two 2nd level Studies (Master’s degree) – the Administration (since 2004) and the National Security (since 2011).

• The ”Fine Academy” has very well-equipped foreign language learning rooms and broad lecture halls. The Students have several Laboratories at their disposal with more than 250 Computers.

• The Academic Staff of the ”Fine Academy” consists of Esteemed Scientists and Practitioners, well recognized in The Country and abroad.

• The Academy has Its own Radio and Television Studio and hosts DobraUczelnia Radio on Internet.

• The Academy is situated in one of most beautiful quarters of Warsaw – in Saska Kępa district, Meksykańska 6 street.

We are open to various forms of cooperation in joint projects and endeavors, following the rule that the People are most important asset of any company, which defines it’s success.


Meksykańska 6 st., 03-948 Warsaw, Poland
phone no. 22 616 15 27