Pinus J&M Smolarczyk

Our aim is to meet the needs of individual customers. We are effective in carrying out our firm’s mission manufacturing products for the most demanding customers. The high quality of our services in the field of consultancy and carrying out of non-standard solutions have resulted in the fact that for 20 years we have been invariably enjoying the growing confidence and satisfaction of our customers, which is the best proof of the success that we have achieved.

Our products are designed for individual customers, houses, apartments and residences as well as buildings of public use. We have taken part in the restoration of the historic buildings in the care of the Polish National trust having thus the pleasure of creating stylish woodwork.

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ul. Topolowa 15
49-318 Skarbimierz – Osiedle, k/Brzegu (województwo opolskie)
tel: + 48 77 411 39 25
FAX: + 48 77 411 39 23