The MEGA SONIC Company is a Polish family business operating since 1994. Initially, the core specialisation of the company was providing advanced technological services and supplying cutting edge equipment and devices for defence industry and public institutions in Poland. Now, Mega Sonic is an integrator of IT systems using bar codes and RFID technology, operates in the new technologies sector. It is a business partner of companies such as Motorola, Psion Technologies, Intermec, Adeya or Zebra Technologies.
Key areas of operations:

  • Automated data identification – sale of devices (including the special resistant to damage Xplore tablets) and consumables and service, software and implementation, including RFID systems – development and implementation (in February 2013 the Company started research on implementation of Automated Data Identification system with the use of RFID technology in course of trade of excise goods co-financed by the European Union funds with the National Centre for Research and Development as the intermediary);
  • Cellular network safety on the basis of encrypting technology of Swiss company Adeya (cryptography);
  • Mobile payments safety – Swiff Pay system and loyalty systems;
  • Mobile optical monitoring of large areas with the application of innovative solutions of Israeli company Atalef/Elkat (balloon with stabilized high definition camera – Aerostat);
  • Fire safety – automated fire extinguisher and fire extinguisher liquid of high efficiency in suppression;
  • The Niwelator system – monitoring of soil structure detecting its ply separation;
  • Ekinops 100G – transponder and multiplexer in one device, multiplying transfer capacities of existing optic fibres.

Provision and implementation of specialized dual-use equipment by MEGA SONIC was proceeded by introducing in the company the ISO 9001 system (updated with audits till present), internal control system as well as by obtaining the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration concession along with the certificate for the course of trade of dual-use devices issued by the Internal Security Agency.
In late 2010 and early 2011, the company, as the first on the market, introduced DDS (Decision Support System) for the needs of the Malopolskie Voivodeship with the use of provided mobile Xplore terminals which help both in vehicles and outside, being an indispensable part of the system supporting work of emergency medical services units.

Postal address: Pl. Kasztelański 3, 01-362 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: +48 22 637 87 15
Fax: +48 22 664 84 28