Activities of the Club


  1. Organization of Club activities:
  • Subject and friendly meetings of the members of the Club;
  • Meetings with famous people from the economic, scientific and cultural life;
  • Conferences and economic forums;
  • Visits abroad and economy missions.
  1. Education and scientific activity:
  • giving opinions on key economic, scientific and social topics connected with the Club’s activity;
  • supporting the education of management personnel;
  • organization of trainings, symposiums and seminars;
  • obtaining scholarships for outstanding students and research personnel;
  • promoting research studies.
  1. Supporting activity of the members of the Club:
  • representing the members’ of the Club business before representatives of domestic and foreign government and economic organizations;
  • giving opinions on proposed legislation.
  1. The Exchange of economic and legal information:
  • the market of contacts, co-operation, procurements orders;
  • organization of exhibitions, expos and economic meetings;
  • delivering information on existing and drafted domestic and European Union legislation.
  1. Obtaining funds from domestic sources and the European Union:
  • choice of programmes;
  • serach for partners;
  • organising trainings in the area of application, realization and financial settlement of projects;
  • preparing applications and co-ordinating projects.
  1. Promotion of companies:
  • conducting PR activities;
  • organizing the presentation of a company and/or of its products.
  1. Supporting promotion of foreign markets:
  • market analysis;
  • organizing trade and economic missions;
  • compiling company’s development strategy in the aspect of its functioning on a foreign market;
  • assistance in establishing a New company or a representation in a given country;
  • co-ordinating projects.
  1. Club’s Awards:
  • awarding people and companies with success as a result of their innovative approach, strategy, reliability and economic and social engagement.

9. Services rendered to Club members:

  • economic and financial advice;
  • preparing expertise and opinions;
  • mediation assistance;
  • intervensions on behalf of Club members;
  • organising individual company meetings and its full service ;
  • making available Club’s premises.
  1. Charity activity:
  • organizing direct help for organizations and people in need;
  • promotion of the idea, attitudes and people connected with charity activities;
  • organizing of charity events.